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France Is Bacon


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sometimes i think you've been old forever.


when they hated me, it was jealousy. when they hurt me, it was jealousy. when they hit me, it was jealousy. when they kicked me, it was jealousy. when i beat myself, what is it then?


vanilla car crash, strawberry syrup leaks across the pavement the chocolate man with a hand gun shoots the dove that kept the ark from sinking and a message from god is clear,

mind control

tower of cans blood on my hands tally and count missing out. mind control disconnect me at the mains did you get dressed in the dark again? born into the night red stripes hands over eyes

The Smoking Area

A rush to my head, Strangers fill your space, A flicker, a thrash, My heart speeds, I am to be pitied, A spark – and smoke Alone.