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I have 43 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 212377 times and 27 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Corporal Larnach’s Report 01 February 1833

He raised a white flag and asked to speak with me. I allowed him to approach the house, met him outside. During the meeting he claimed the tribe were...

Corporal Larnach’s Report 31 January 1833. Supplement 3

There were three torches, and under them wiry black bodies with big bushy beards and hair. We each fired, striking two of the torch bearers, they...

Corporal Larnach’s Report 31 January 1833. Supplement 2

It was the bones we noticed first, they crunched beneath our feet, little animal bones, perhaps thousands judging by the number of skulls, which...

Corporal Larnach’s Report 31 January 1833

We are in a dire way. Lord, deliver us from evil. The events of the past days have left me shaken to the very core, for the sights before my eyes...

Corporal Larnach’s Report 30 January 1833. Supplement 2

Before nightfall we set up camp in a clearing. I had hoped to reach the river, but its winding took it out of way. As the sun went down the fevered...