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I have 43 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 224250 times and 27 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Plants of The Estate - Part 3 of 4

Whatever had happened, it had blocked the stairwell completely. If that was a body in the mass then whatever it was might be dangerous. This was far...

Plants of The Estate - Part 2 of 4

‘Agh, taoyan,’ exclaimed Alice, sloughing the mucus like substance off her face and then her arms and hands, ‘what is it?!’ ‘By the feel and smell, I...

Plants of The Estate - Part 1 of 4

Woke up this morning covered in damp bits of plaster, it ground between my teeth unpleasantly, and yellowed specks of paint were itching in my ears...

Pre-Vent Systems

The subject is hooded, his face is obscured in shadow - so upon the failure of a visual biometric identification, two emitters fire infrared lasers,...

Pre-Crime (Flash fiction)

Automated Report ID 0000455 13/02/2017 07:00PM Suspect ID: POI1400098 Abnormal Behavior Indicated: Loitering (code 176). Location type: 4 (Bus...