Here's my original post on ABC tales that I want to keep private except for the blog. I'm gonna erase the original from the site and leave it here instead. Remember to keep this on the low.

The results are in. The envelope has been opened. The result announced.


Yeah, my cologard screening results returned to me today. They are what I had feared. I had all the symptoms which means I didn't have any symptom at all just like the last time with prostate. The company has sent the complete results to my Doctor whom I sure will contact me next week.

Once again, I'm at the beginning of another great journey. I described my last journey with the prostate cancer almost 1,000 entrys ago. Keeping track of that journey was one of the main rreasons why I joined ABC tales in the first place. If I had known that I still had so much writing to get done and that I would in fact get it done, I would have been overjoyed. This one seems different somehow, nowhere near as definite.

The prostate diagnosis took me completely by surprise. This time, I had a little more time to prepare for the result and some experience at reception. In my preparation I told myself that I wouldn't catastrophize if I got a positive result. I would take it as a signal that changes were about to occur. I should embrace those changes whatever they may be and get on with them.

A positive result from Cologard is NOT a diagnosis of cancer. Only 4% of those screened with a positive result develop cancer. A positive result simply  means that symptoms of cancer have been detected in my sample. The next step will be a colonoscopy which I hoped to avoid. After that, we willl know much more.

My mother had colon cancer and survived for 25 years. 

I'm expecting a few more "envelopes" over the next few weeks.

On a side note, I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie "Elvis".

In preparation for that, last night I played Elvis singing his gospel and spiritual songs. I had ignored these songs when I was a kid. They weren't rock and roll. Listening to them last night, I felt a renewal in faith. Through the extraordinary voice of Elvis, I found myself tapping into a source of strength that I had pretty much abandoned when I began to question the morality of the Catholic Church. Along with my religion, I lost a large part of my faith. Listening to Elvis last night helped me to realize once again that we never walk alone.

I feel good.

Ready for the next step and the next envelope.


Sending good thoughts, ice, and hoping that things will work out for you.

hope it works out for you. 


Wishing you well with it all. You sound composed and organised. Keep us posted and take care of yourself. 


Having survived prostate cancer and still grateful for the survival time, I find myself more at peace during this alert. I have much more confidence in doctors and science than I did the first time around. I'm actually kinda frelieved. I was so afraid of the test that I kept putting it off and now that I have the results, I'm much calmer and ready to take the next steps.