Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of January have been chosen by fatboy74:

It seems that the drearier the time of year, the better ABCtalers respond to the challenge, and you’ve smashed it out of the park over the last 31 days. The writing has been terrific and it was difficult enough having to choose a Pick of the Day, so this has been a bit of a tough one.

Poem of the Month goes to onemorething with her stunning poem Lime Tree. If you like it and want more, Cerasus Publishing has just released a collection of her poetry: Crown of Eggshell by Rachel Deering.

Please check out these honourable mentions from some of our other gifted poets:święcim


January has been full to the brim with fantastic openings to a number of novels/novellas/works in progress, so a big well done to Simon Barget, Terrence Oblong, Drew Gummerson, artofminima and Talo Segura. I’ll include a link to each writer’s page below.


But…Story of the Month goes to Parson Thru for the wonderful Not Dark Yet. It’s pitch perfect, full of joy and reading it made me very happy.


I make no apologies for all the links, or this last one for Blog of the Decade (so far). It would be easy to miss celticman’s musings on life , the universe and everything. Elizabeth Strout 2017 Anything is Possible, is just one example of why it would be a real shame if you did.

Good luck with your writing for the rest of the year.


Thank you very much for the mention!