Josiah and Archibald hit the air(waves)*

Great news about Josiah and Archibald!  The very first story in their adventures - 'A Dubious Undertaking' - which appeared first here on ABCTales, has been selected for broadcast on Yorick Radio's podcast on Friday, 17th November, 2023.  I'm very excited about this and very much looking forward to hearing how these two make the transition to audio.

My thanks to everyone here who have been kind enough to read the continuing Undertakers stories and to make very positive comments about them.  It is very much appreciated. yes

* I thought I'd better make it clear that we're talking about the airwaves and not the air, as the last (and only) time they took flight, they nearly caused an international incident wink  (See 'Death and Taxis')


That's amazing news Phil. Big congratulations to you. yes

Jenny. smiley


Thanks Jenny and particular thanks for your continued support, which is much appreciated  smileyyes

That is brilliant Phil - and it sounds like a really interesting podcast too! If you want us to put something on the front page nearer the time, please send me the details. Congratulations!


Thanks very much.  I'll put a note in my diary smileyyes

wonderful news. Well done. 


Thanks, that's very kind of you and thanks for commenting smiley

Cool, Phil. yes


Thanks Luigi, and thanks for commenting smiley

Actors will be fighting for those roles!


Thanks Di. I must admit, I'll be interested to hear how they interpret it. I offered to read it myself but apparently my equipment wasn’t up to scratch! Which is the story of my life  wink

:0) It must be lovely to know you are giving people employment through something you wrote, though! I hope they do it justice! Perhaps, if it is really different to how you hoped, you could record it yourself, and put it on the internet as an audiobook?


I'm certainly delighted that the Undertakers will be getting a slightly wider audience - every little helps smiley

Also, having listened to some of Yorick Radio's podcasts, I have every confidence that they will do a sterling job and I'm genuinely interested to see how they interpret the characters.