Lisa Hinsley

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of long term ABCtales member Lisa Hinsley. She was a wonderful writer and a fine member of our community - giving freely of her time and opinions in order to help hundreds of others.

Lisa was a fine writer with a number of published books. Her most famous, Plague, is strongly recommended to you. She fought cancer with bravery and stoicisim for three years. Lisa leaves a husband and three children and our thoughts go out to them.

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Lisa Hinsley 1971 - 2015.

Much loved here.


I too first 'met' Lisa/Ginger, on UKA, my thoughts at present with her family.

Rest in peace, dear Lisa, and I think that you, as a writer, should have the last word,

'Life seems random ' - it picks and chooses who gets to stick around a little longer in this amazing world we have...Forget the problems, wear a smile, and remember to live'.



How very sad. Lisa/Ginger was for me only a name on the pages of ABC and UKAuthors until I met her at the Nottingham reading. She was indeed a fine writer. Her personality and creativity will be greatly missed.


I didn't get to meet Lisa and only knew her for a little while on abc and I'm really sad about that; she was lovely. My thoughts are with her family at this sad time. 


Lisa was very encouraging when I first posted on ABCTales. My thoughts are with her family.

sad, I read some of her stuff. She was good. Very good. But what do you say, when faced with the enormity of death? 


Fantastic writer. She burned brightly. Sincerest condolences to her family and friends.


I was so sorry to read this very sad news. I didn't know Lisa, but feel I needed to send my condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.



What very sad news, and what a talented writer,we and the world have lost.

Thoughts for you in 'writers heaven' RIP and for your family,close friends.We will miss you so much 2



smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx

Sorry for my signature sayings still on, i did try to take them off, on this occassion.

smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx

Nothing wrong with that at all, Pretty Rose.  For in Lisa's own words of advice to us all,  'Forget the problems, wear a smile, and remember to live'.


Very, very sad news. My condolences to Lisa's family.


Lisa's spirit lives on in those, like me, who saw her fight against the most wicked illness of all. Reading her posts on FB and here and seeing her smiling throughout brought about many different responses from me; that I should do more with my life, that I should help others more, that life's amazing, that life's so cruel, but the thought that always trumped others was that Lisa's incredible strength and grace would never be forgotten. I didn't get to meet her but we'd post to each other and I learnt she lived where I grew up on the Wirral and she'd tell me she was going for a walk on the prom. 

A truly gracious person who saw the bright side every day and touched so many lives.


This is so sad. My thoughts are with her family and friends. X

The beat of your heart is the mellifluent rhythm to my soul.

She gave me a lot of advice about publishing and as she wrote a lot of the same genre as me she really inspired me. Now I'm about to publish my second novel  so she's really encouraged me.