A New Dawn for ABCtales

I, Tony Cook, will be stepping down as Editor on October 7th and Luke Neima will be taking over.

This is a major step forward for ABC - Luke will be full time and he's committed to taking us onwards and upwards whilst still retaining all of our core values - open to all, free of charge, supportive and community led.

I will still retain ownership of the site and will be involved at every step of the business - I just won't be doing all the day to day work that I do at present.

I am sure that you will support Luke in the way that you've helped me over the past 14 years and I can assure you that I will be on hand to make certain that all goes well (not that I think I'll be needed!)


Oh, of  course I'm pleased for Luke and glad that someone is willing to take over but I am so sad that you, Tony, are stepping down.  You have given so much to this site and it has made such a difference to my life and my confidence and I owe you so much more than you will ever know.  I realise it must be a lot of work and you have certainly earned a rest from that but still I'm sad and you will be missed.

Does that mean that we won't be seeing you at York if that comes off?   

Will miss you and thank you for all you have done.



I will still be coming to the ABCtales events - have no fear. I love them!

Your steady hand on the tiller will be missed, Tony, but I look forward to Luke taking the site forward and to seeing you at an ABC event. Great fun last time. ABCtales has given me a voice instead of just a pile of scribble in a shoe box. Because of how this site works I feel a great loyalty to it and all those who work hard to keep it alive. I'd like to give you and all those people my personal thanks.

Parson Thru

Hey, I've only just got to know you online!

Well good luck with the future, it sounds like you are still keeping your hand in and if we can organise a Westcountry meet maybe see you in person. All the best      Elsie

You have done wonders with this brilliant site, Tony; I felt welcome from the moment I joined, and through seeing my humble scribblings in print it helped me regain some confidence at a difficult time. Such great, supportive people on here, and some truly amazing writing.  Thank you Tony.


Hi! Tony,so sorry to read your stepping down. 14 years long.Thank you for all your help,Editor AbcTales. All the hard dedicated work.special extra help to me,in lot's of ways,Ray went for food outside,you assured me be back!      And giving me ideas help decisions titles,and get my very 1st cherry! truly amazing. Still have AbcTales mugs  My typing and thinking was atrocious then,still is,but in all adversities,be printed in AbcTales mag etc; wow! Great times at The Wheatsheaf always. Glad we don't use punctuation much now,my down fall? We all miss you great Editor and helper,and persuasion to read like I did through you. I'm difficult one. We will try get to event see you there too,this is sudden,been a week of shocks! Hope meet up Wheatsheaf soon,singing dates groups,coming up. Take care. Best wishes to all and try put your feet up too?                                                                                                                                                                   julie and Ray x  











Sorry to hear you are 'going', glad to hear you are 'staying'. It goes without saying, though I'll say it, that this site is an eighth wonder of the world and that you have not only guided and enabled a digital community, you have infused every life that touches this site with your special brand of wisdom, caution, flair, studiousness and good spirit. What you have achieved is little short of astounding - a Nobel prize comes to mind. I am sure Luke will do very well - you will have chosen well and carefully, I am sure. lots of love xxx


Tony, you've done so much for those of us who can only but dream that our stories could one day please millions! Thank you for all of your help and time - I wish only good things for your future. Yume laugh

sorry too, tony.  I'm glad you're staying about somewhere though.  Hope the site stays roughly the same.

maisie angel Guess what?  I'm still alive!

What kind words and I thank you all. Fear not, I will be about but the day to day responsibility will be gone from me. I won't have to take my computer on every holiday or rush in from digging the garden to make a pick of the day. I am definitely going to be taking it a lot easier - and writing my own book, which I will post on here, chapter by chapter, as it unfolds! Just wait for the extraordinary story of Fra Lippo Lippi. Don't know who he is? You will soon.

Really sorry to lose you as editor Tony, your support has been invaluable, I know my writing wouldn't be any where near as good without your encouragement and the encouragement and support of everyone else your site generates. 


Thank you for doing a wonderful job for a wonderful site, it really is appreciated.




Tony, I've only just discovered all the blogs, not sure why I never tried the link to see them before. I was surprised to find this entry.


I'm thrilled to hear you’ll be starting a well-deserved retirement. I'm sure you won't be able to keep away, as I am sure Luke will do a fine job taking over. I look forward to reading the book you’ll be posting. The title alone has me curious.


ABCtales is the first writer’s site I found, and I’ve been coming here since 2005 (might even have been 2004). The wonderful people who come to this site supported me through the baby steps of writing, giving me the confidence to continue. I was pretty crap to begin with, made all the mistakes that can be made, and yet I’m still tapping away at the keyboard. :) I really don’t think I’d still be writing if it wasn’t for that early encouragement.


Tony, enjoy having a little more time on your hands!



All the best, Tony, with your retirement from ABC, and like the others have said, you will be greatly missed. (and it's not often I use adverbs to emphasise a point) I hope the writing goes well and I am looking forward to reading your chapters. And I'm sure Luke will be fine -once we break him in.

So long Mr Cherryman.



Although it's great that someone is lined up to take over, Tony has contributed so much to ABC Tales that it will be very sad to see him step down. I'd more or less given up on writing but ABC competitions and positive feedback forced me to produce something. All the very best with your writing, I'm sure it will be a success.

Best wishes on your 'retirement', Tony, from an old dog. ABCtales was the first literary website I joined ten years ago and have benefited a great deal under your guidance. Although not a regular of late I keep an eye on the site and feel an affinity with it. It is good to know that you still maintain a presence.


My daughter Karen Gooch recommended me to your site and I am sorry to hear you are leaving. Although not a prolific user I am very grateful to you and your team for allowing me to publish all my stuff which had been lying in files for so long.  Glad to hear there is now a critique service available:  I shall unearth the play and novel which have been  gathering dust and see what happens.

All the very best  to you and your family  and my thanks again.

F Thompson

Again, thankyou all for your kind comments. It has, in the main, been a real pleasure on here and that is thanks to all of you. I've certainly learnt a lot as a writer - now comes the time to test it out.

I know that Luke will be terrific. I have huge confidence in him and I'm sure he'll take us upwards and onwards. In the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear (I have grandchildren): 'To Infinity And Beyond'.

I realise I'm late to the party here, but I just want to say thank you Tony! ABCtales really means a lot to me. You must have put so much work into it over the years and we really appreciate it. Best of luck in your future ventures, hope all goes well with Fra Lippo Lippi!


Thank you, Tony for your commitment and dedication to ABC Tales and I wish you well on your retirement. You will be missed, but I'm sure that Luke will be a worthy replacement.

ABCtales has been absolutely wonderful. I will continue to enjoy it and use it. I would love to meet Tony Cook but I  find it hard to get to London or even Brighton to to an evening event. I think Tony lives near Brighton and I am not far away. If he finds he has any spare time I would love to meet up. He could email me


I had been wondering why there was nowhere to express thanks publicly to you, Tony;  – I missed this comment strand, so I would add my thanks here too for all the hard work and mental sweat you have put in.


Sorry I have not posted anything sooner Tony, but I have been very ill, but slowly on the mend now, fingers crossed :)


Glad your staying, although not for the day to day running, which I am sure is more hard work then we can all imagine at times :). You have been great, even when writiers may not of agreed with some decisions, (meetings only in London lol, I agree with Camilla, that about how lovely it would be to meet you Tony, and others, but London isnt always pratical or easy2 get2)there really is no mistake Tony you know what your doing and do it well!!!!!!


Welcome Luke, I am sure, like Tony you will do a fantastic job, on this great site :)))))


Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xx

smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx

We do have meetings in York as well and if anyone cares to suggest somewhere else then we'll try and get them together!

Thankyou for your kind comments. Luke is doing great things already and I am sure he will be magnificent for ABC.

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Slowly, slowly is the way and stay positive!