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Switchback on hold for now.

Sorry to those of you who have been kindly following this story, but for the time being it will be on hold due to me having to undergo chemo and...

Switchback Ch21 pt1

The Mead place wasn’t too difficult to find once Carter had his bearings. He’d left Leyton Falls three miles back and spent the last of those miles...

Switchback Ch20

Alex arrived back at the lodge not long after seven, inside she ordered two glasses of iced-lemonade and asked Agnes Peabody if she wouldn’t mind...

Switchback Ch19 pt2

Carter had watched three people leave the lodge and climb into the two Cherokees. The fat guy in the check shirt he now knew as Stu Malvern and was...

Switchback Ch19 pt1

A trail of blood on the beige-carpeted stairway was what Alex first noticed when she opened the door, not a continuous line, just continuous drops,...