2. Metamorphosis before Thirty

29th year of life

Post-modern Irony?

So I leave my friends drinking glasses of wine, ruby red like velvet skies with stars dancing in the wild and tangled heart.

Ancient Snow Gum

A first reaction to visiting the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition where I was most impressed by a picture of an ancient snow gum.


Unfamiliar, unsung

Autumn Revisited (again)

The year is sinking softly down within me No Chateau Moulin Rouge. The russet leaves,

Awaking of a new day on Mahony farm,

The gentle hand that turns the lock, drowsily ticking of the old kitchen clock. The crackle of sticks on glowing coals, The warmth that numbs the...

Beyond Beersheba

I think I need a little holiday from poetry . I seem to be turning into a Biblical Exegesis factory!

Boulevard Groovy

I'm high on the motorway of Sobriety's sins With caffeinated hair Buzzing electrically; Smoked up and choked up And carving through Carnage.

Cocktails of Youth

Cocktails with exotic, sensual names.

December 25th Reflections

Lonely but loneliness left