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Odette, c’est ma billet doux...

Odette, c’est ma billet doux, to a girl I once knew when my world was as far as I could see, and love wasn’t clutched between the claws of a Dove its wings clipped
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Charlotte, you weren't fat and ginger...

Charlotte, you weren’t fat and ginger You were a perfect work of art not some cafeteria wall Beryl cook, but a plump pre-Raphaelite My Flora, Ophelia, or Flaming June, sanguine springs

Debbie, you ruined Joy Division for me

Debbie Taylor, I remember you and it made me think of Christmas 88 you wore neon pink and florescent green lace gloves with no fingers leather jacket and purple hair dancing to Borderline

Lena, you loved to draw Horses

Lena, you loved to draw horses in charcoal and lead at college Id watch from the seat behind as you sketched windblown withers on pointed fetlock cross shaded rump

Fiona, you fell from a Gypsy Wagon

Fiona, you fell from a gypsy wagon and tumbled into my street where your family stayed uninvited and free for two weeks at Sixteen years of sweetness, you were bereft with shamrock eyes

Libby, do you remember our baby?

Libby, do you remember our baby? we called him Huxley out of respect for this stolen Peyote wWe took him home from the Zoo in an old pram quite the family Me and you And our spiky green lad

Helen, I saw you on TV last night..

Helen, I saw you on TV last night calling yourself Sally talking about high pressure and patchy rain pointing at clouds with a painted Smile that used to brighten my day back then

Emily, they tore down the ABC

Emily, they tore down the ABC where we went, every Friday You and Me, in the back row pretending to watch with glasses tinted in Technicolor, and reading each other in brail,