The AlterNativity

My alternative version of the traditional nativity story.

AlterNativity - Part 3 - A Room At The Inn

We've heard about the innkeeper, in just about every nativity, but what about the inn?

AlterNativity - Part 2 - The King Thing (Revised)

The second instalment in my alternative nativity. The shepherds have an unexpected encounter on the way to the stable.

AlterNativity - Part 1 - The Night Watch

This is the first story in my 'Alter-Nativity' series. Basically some stories (with my tongue firmly shoved in my cheek) which show how the Nativity might have played out, if you had been there at the time. For this first story, just what was it that the shepherds were doing while they watched?

AlterNativity - Part 4 - Get Away! In A Manger

We hear a lot about the human characters in the nativity, but what about the 'dumb' animals?

AlterNativity - Part 5 - A Stable Upbringing

This is the fifth and, at the moment, final instalment of my alternative nativity. Typically for me, this is the first story that I wrote some ten years ago (although it has been through a number of revisions since then). As you will see, having painted myself into something of a corner, there really wasn't any scope for sequels, so I've had to content myself with 'prequels' ever since. I do hope you enjoy it, but if you're easily offended you might want to give this one a miss! Thanks for reading the series (you can find all of the stories in The AlterNativity Collection ) and may I wish everyone here a peaceful and pleasant Christmas and a successful New Year. This story was originally published as part of the ' Steady Past Your Granny's ' collection of stories.

Seen, But Not Herod

I've wanted to add another story or two to my Alternativity series (a very alternative telling of the Nativity) but I couldn't think of anything I hadn't already covered, and then it occurred to me that the last time we saw the Wise Men was when the Shepherds sent them off on a wild goose chase to see King Herod. I wondered how that might have worked out?
Gold cherry

Which accounts for the hump on the camel...

The three camels (well, at least three, there was the impression of quite a few more in the shadows) mooched around for a while outside the stable,...