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'A novel is a mirror which passes over a highway. Sometimes it reflects to your eyes the blue of the skies, at others the churned-up mud of the road.'

Le Rouge et le noir (1830) bk2 ch.19 Stendhal, Henry Beyle (1783-1842)

My novel 'The Dome' is represented by the first three chapters, as a taster for those who might wish to purchase a copy of the full text from Amazon.

The first few weeks of 'A Picaresque Tale' is represented here. The full text is available as an e-book, available from good online bookstores.

The 'Where the Boys Are' extract is actually chapter 2. The full text is available from Amazon.

'Fraudster's Folly' is my latest novel and has thirty seven chapters. It is an ebook.

A Picaresque Tale : A : December & January

End of December and January. Ashley begins his year................

Apollyon : An Extract

Julian's new school wasn't that far from his house. He could walk it everyday. The suburb he lived in, on the outskirts of York, was leafy and...

Fraudster's Folly : An Extract

Betty de Torro stood by the ornate, marble fireplace of International College. The fact that such a high-faluting sounding place was located in...

House of Parrots

But Ella's love of money wasn't so great that she would ally herself to an eighty nine year old with Parkinson's disease...

The Dome : 1 : Chapters 1-3

As it seems preferable to put the novel on ABC in smaller chunks, here are the first three chapters.... Jason sets out on his quest.

Where the Boys Are

All anybody got back was 'Cobblers'..........