Childrens Poems

Assorted Poems for Children of all ages

Natural Habitat

Painted buttercups wind A smiling blossom wreath Curl on sunshine Shutter blinds Little girl leans On her windowsill Chewing her plait in thought

15mm Handpainted Whimsy

Play it in your mind Like a drumbeat rhythm Tattoo out the call to your men at arms The words will come When you least expect them

70's Retro Nite

And they danced and grooved To the sound of something smooth While the finger on the button Twitched in nervous ruse Of Who'd blink first

A Little On The Top Sir?

Guerrilla Coiffeuse Stalk the lands, Comb and scissors In rebel hands, Crimping Irons Straighteners too, Arrayed in tool belt With the glue

Alices' Cater Wrap

....a bit of silly. IP 15.06


Childrens poem

Beamish Boy


Circa 1643 Or Thereabouts

Stick your finger in your ear, close your eyes and sing......Nyaaahhhh....

Spreading Tails

Revised version, originally epub 04


04. Childrens doodle

Suburban Alchemy

04 childrens poem

The Hills Are Alive......

I thought I had a rather warm Contralto, My children PLEAD to differ.

Toothless Wander

04 revised

Lasting Tradition

epub 04 (edited)

Idle Hands

04 Childrens poem


Spring cleaning

Fondant memories

IP Spatula, Cyrano style


tiny poem


Doodle, for children

Flight of fancy



A poem