Corniche El Nil- A collection of Stories on Cairo

a collection that's been about seven years in the making about the complexity of relationships against the backdrop of the always confusing, always congested and always inspiring Cairo.

Thank you Khaled for giving me a much needed wakeup call, Ali for showing me there's nothing wrong with growing up, my mother for inspiring this concept, Zanzi for being the backbone i lost and needed, Nancy for her tireless support and encouragement, and all my friends for their endless supply of ego-boosts, dance music, nicotine and sweets.

This is dedicated to Mohab, Roba and Vanessa, who loved me unconditionally, and I loved them back.


Times Like These

written to The Killers' Mr Brightside.

Cairo, Mine

I wish they could see how You never lost your glory Even when blood ran through your streets And bodies were dragged along your pavements You stood silent And loving

Awkward/ Alight

Months of languid phone calls that never wanted to end, text messaging, emails, finally you were there in front of me, and there was nothing to say.
Story of the week


About Tahrir square. And Cairo.


It was dawn. The others waited outside as we met on the stairs.

December Rain

I'm not angry anymore. She realized this standing outside the decrepit bookstore on Sherif Street, and her shoulders slumped in defeat.
Gold cherry


My blue dress is still hanging in the wardrobe. And today, as I turned the corner onto Maryoteya Road, I thought of you.


Some people never recover. Still, it tugs at my heart and I remember the guilt of receiving his clumsy love letter.

The Remains

From the moment Mohamed pulled her towards his bed with little resistance or guilt from her part, she had been so sure that this was something so genuine, so precious. She was wrong.

Mohamed Talks

This is the Sequel to 'The Remains', or at least the guy's perspective. It's a work in progress so please bear with me and give as much feedback as possible. Thanks!


work in progress, written hastily to Ben L'Oncle Soul's 'Partir'.

Mohab- Beloved

There is something about the Egyptian woman; he can’t put his finger on it. Something about the tilt of her hips, the sparkle in her eyes when she laughs, the flirtatious hands.

Diamonds- Work in Progress

Just something i'm working on, could be turned into a novel, inspired by Paul Simon. please tell me what you think.

The Winds of May

just something i'm working on. Inspired by 'No One Sleeps in Alexandria' and a picture in my head.

The Walls

For Tahrir on the 9-month anniversary of January 25th.