In all its forms.

A Dead Man Knocked My Door

A dead man knocked my door today I saw his features through the glass They made me rush to open it And shout, 'It's you! You didn't pass!' And tell him of a dream I'd had

Midsummer Stillness

The magic came At evening tide As fissures of fire Cracked honied skies And sun-warmed rocks Were all aglow As floating words Rode windless air I stepped into the garden And felt a charge

Infinite Sky

Hope you're not all sick of this theme. I was inspired by the competition entries.

Permanent Wilting Point

A place of ends, of groans and slopes Of pills in little envelopes A TV blares at mismatched chairs A room of wishy washy stares If they only knew how much they'd paid

The Bad News

The bad news came in spoken words Absurdities in deadpan tones My manners saved me from myself 'Well thanks,' I said, 'for all your help.' While inward beat a heavy drum

There's Nothing To See Here

There's nothing to see here You've seen it all Pupils fixed, legs bent It's neither close nor far away You're safe in your home This dreamy cocoon so...

Herself at Christmas

She was herself at Christmas time She sat and smiled and didn't allow Her thoughts to drift beyond the here and now Into the road ahead, she didn't...