thinking about the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

(There are more about these events in my 'Sunday Songs' section around the date of Easter each year)

"I have seen the Lord!"

She wept ’til the dawning of joy in the morning. The corpse had gone missing, and while she was guessing, and all seemed confusing, her Saviour was...

(IP) “I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! …

Who’d put their hope in a dead man? in disappointment, fear they ran. – But now, he lives! they're full of joy, and boldly speak, though threatened by those who their bodies can destroy.

7 days after the Resurrection

One week later, though locked the door, Jesus came and said, once more, “Peace be with you!” Thomas missed that time before – and said he’d not believe, unless his finger in the holes could press … ‘My Lord, my God’ – now filled with awe see Thomas worship and adore.

A foretold gamble

An idle gamble, careless toss, while Christ was pierced upon the cross: these both were long ago foretold by God, by whom all is controlled. Though not yet ending, by his breath


Would Barabbas be aware that Jesus’ death meant he was freed? The guilty free: so great a contrast, – by death, the Guiltless met a need. Freed from what? From Roman justice, –

Because of Calvary

The crimson flow … completed … for all who will receive … more white than snow my guilty stain has be removed, I know.

Crucial World Events

Many philosophies, only one where God himself stepped into history; many killings, but only one immortal person died, a mystery; many injustices, but only One sinless, suffered crucifixion,

Easter Sunday

Not on the cross, Not in the ground …

Good Friday

Injustice, trial travesty …

He died while young …

He died while young, his death achieved rich purpose: not the end; and through his cross I have received new Life as grace had planned. Our Saviour bound – he let them bind

Judas Iscariot, thief

Judas Iscariot pretended to care a lot for the poor, but he kept the stash of donated cash: when he wanted some money he took it, it went into his pocket. Disparaged, criticized

Maundy Thursday

Will I admit I need a wash deep in those parts whose doors are locked …

On the Saturday … and the Sunday

Significant day, – the grave was secured: the guard and the seal, as safe as they could; ensuring his followers his body can’t steal, to hoax men and...

Palm Sunday (1)

The fickleness of “popularity”

Palm Sunday (2)

Brief the glory and the praise, some had jealousy and hate – plotting in the coming days, opportunity await. He knew the agony drew near – bruised,...

Resurrection facts

People like a nice idea, comfortable things to hear. Surely we can’t really know Christ arose so long ago? Men and women were astounded, and their witness brave was founded

The Cross Symbol

Symbol of hope – though means of tortured execution; symbol of Life – though place of death and blood; symbol of faith – acceptance of the explanation: Christ died and rose for my eternal good!

The Crux of the Crucifixion

… Bleakest hour of desolation: triune God knows separation … – agony for One whose nature holy, pure finds sin abhorrent … my replacement – he bears sin and takes my punishment…

The Road to the Cross …

… started in eternity In counsels eternal, the Godhead conferred – the Father, the Spirit, the Son, holy Word: creation was planned and its wardens...

The Sign on the Cross

“The King of the Jews”, the sign there proclaimed – maybe to amuse the Governor, – he shamed their malice displayed. But they were dismayed! ‘Write only, “he claims …” ’

the thief going to paradise

The thief repentant, on the cross, acknowledged all his sin and loss, and asked the Saviour mercy free, and humbly trusted Him, and we can share his...

Too clever to see (IP)

Egg-hunt with a difference (based on a true story) She gave them each a plastic egg, – the kind you can unscrew, and sent them out to search for what

Upon the cross …

Upon the cross, in agony and pain, he was not cross, did not complain, but had compassion on those who strayed in sin’s confusion, – and for them prayed; then turned his ear

Viewing the cross

Hatred, hatred deaf and blind for the One so good and kind, – hatred that will not consider this is God the Son they murder. Love, eternal love, –...

Why ‘Good’ Friday?

The Romans chose excruciating crucifixion, to frighten into subjugation, deter attempts at revolution. No death of ease, so why should it be ‘good’? – he paid the debt,

Washing their feet

Willing to descend, to bend to wash his pupils’ dirty feet. although he is the King Supreme, with knowledge full, wisdom complete. If you desire,...

Good Friday – ?

A cross to crucify – revolting way in agony to die – infamous day? An innocent condemned – God let it be so sinners could be spared – like you and me. … – good day for us. If you this grace receive, best Friday this …

Palm Sunday (3)

The Ruler entered humble on a donkey – an untrained donkey that he could calm. The crowd praised now but soon abused, rejected this mighty, righteous...

‘Good’ Friday?

Ugly, unjust excruciating execution – ‘Good’ Friday? Bad Friday? Sad Friday? Day of gloom? … and so, it is Good Friday for it begat the Resurrection Sunday!

Is God alive?

You can’t believe there’s a God who is good? complain he doesn’t do (yet) what you think he should? assume that Jesus just can’t have been what is...

Three Crosses at Calvary

[Easter Sunday — Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] One man on a cross insulted his neighbour by mocking this sufferer who could be his Saviour...