Eish London

The diary entries of a South African Living in London

Eish! London 22 May

Agent email - stress of supply travel :-(

A Tube Ride

Travelling on the London Underground

Eish! London 2 - 12 March

A foreigner in London, see, think, hear, smell, the attractions and distractions from someone else's eyes...

Eish! London April 6

Chapter two of the escapdes in London. Supply teaching agencies. Finding a home. Living with new people...

Eish! London 1 - 2 April

Leaving South Africa

Eish! London 30 March

Packing! Ugh

Eish! London 15 & 27 March

Leaving South Africa for London - what a mission... but there was a sign

Eish! London 29 - 30 April

A London Academy - I found out what that was about! Then those teacher's agents again - grrrr ... pay PLEASE... pretty please

Eish! London 28 April

Supply teaching, revolting agency... ugh!

Eish! London 24 - 25 April

Supply teaching for the first time in a High School in London ... oh my greatness...

Eish! London 23 April

A bus ride in London, a moment to help someone that made me feel so alien ...

Eish! London 20 - 22 April

Uncle Sam's is a cultural food? ... and the nitty gritty of a day in supply.

Eish! London 18 - 19 April

For a foreigner who loves Shakespeare - to be in his theatre - WOW! Inspiring! Worth travelling thousands of kilometers

Eish! London 14 - 17 April

Bank Holidays, a trip to Deeping, insight to Lincoln Cathedral... a rather bust few days I must say!

Eish! London 12 April Easter Sunday

Great to spend Easter in a new environment and take in some of the real meaning of it all

Eish! London 11 April

Bus company have taken my money, but lost my ticket, an out of London train ride to breathe after the tense time beforehand!

Eish! London 9 April

My opinions on a show ... a couple of emails to get me going and a statement of who I am ...

Eish! London - May 1

Sounds like Australia has this supply thing waxed a bit better than London ... hmmmm

Eish! London 29 - 31 May

So where does the 'Pound" come from? Supply teaching is one stressful moment after the next!

Eish! London Chapter 4 - June 1 - 10

more on Supply teaching, more on busses and more on living with other people in the great city of London...

Eish! London 1 - 3 July

The anniversary of the Sony Walkman, happy 30th! I 'celebrate' my graduation on my own in Covent Garden...

Eish! London 27 - 28 May

Getting on stage and stepping away from a supply agency

Eish! London 25 May

When a friend's grandmother passes away, how are you supposed to 'handle' it? Especially when she is so far away from her family...

Eish! London 18 - 21 May

Another Agency muck up - seriously is enough not enough? At least there is always theatre

Eish London Sunday 17 May

What's life without a little poetry and verse?

Eish! London 15 - 16 May

Emailing "the Globe" whilst living life...

Eish! London 14 May

Jane Austen, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge! Wow, Wow, Wow!

Eish! London 12 - 13 May

Supply teaching in an Academy, second time wiser! And a curve ball compliment to end the day :-)

Eish! London 10 - 11 May

Burning my backside - literally! Agency - grrrrrr! And ... the Walk-In Centre...

Eish! London 9 May

One MAJOR email of complaint and a night out in London Town.

Eish! London 7 - 8 May

An email from a girl who used to live in London... And a dream I could take the 'taken for granted / unused' London School facilities back to Africa to be appreciated.

Eish! London 5 - 6 May

From celebration to irritation in one day! Life - eish!

Eish! London August 2 - 4

Getting over Swine Flu ... being sick sucks... star sign query session

Eish! London. 27 - 28 June

Lost in central London due to lightning, noises through the wall - earplugs for that.

Eish! London 25 June

the 'racism' card... hmmm

Eish! London 23 June

I learn about Freedom Prayer and face myself in a different light

Eish! London 21 - 22 June

Let's do Ascot Darhling

Eish! London 18 - 19 June

International price comparison and more details on travelling on public transport in London

Eish! London 17 June

Meeting people, more ticked off on 'the list' and the effects of recession are always in the background

Eish! London 16 June

What are you supposed to do in those 'situations'... ugh, I never know ... oh well,

Eish! London 15 June

Learning about and getting to handle the dangers of London's public transport...

Eish! London 11 - 12 June

Email correspondence, housemate issues and the rest of it before making my freedom prayer appointment

Eish! London 10 June

GRRRRR for public transport - 5 HOURS!

Eish! London 8 June

Making friends

Eish! London 29 July

Swine flu is revolting, if that's what it was...

Eish! London 25 - 26 July

Me? A Saffer on a House boat at sunset in Oxford - WOW!

Eish! London 24 July

The moment where I decided my purpose may just be to write a book... all in a Chinese restaurant triggered by a song in the toilet - eish!

Eish! London 21 - 23 July

Oooh don't try and argue with me when a kitchen knife is near by ... that's just not smart ... and a bit on international banking too

Eish! London 20 July

HUGE differences between 1st and 3rd world... do people even realised they are socialised into their perceptions?

Eish! London 18 July

Ok, the tour guide - my highlight of the tour! what a hoot!

Eish! London 16 July

Man, I could have flown after that compliment :-)

Eish! London 25-26 September

When you need help, when you can't cope, you have to ask... people will amaze you

Eish! London 12 - 13 July

My general space at this point in time...

Eish! London 10 - 11 July

A cute boy lends me his shoes and I'm speechless...

Eish! London 7 July

A different take on Michael Jackson's Memorial

Eish! London 5 - 6 July

A Wimbledon Tennis Final and I am introduced to PRU 'schools'

Eish! London 29 - 30 August

The end of a fabulous Edinburgh trip and a day of 'normal'

Eish! London 28 August

Awesome last day at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Eish! London 26 August

WOW! I'm at THE EDINBURGH Festival! Me? WOW!

Eish! London 22 August

Ok, there was a house party...

Eish! London 21 August

Christmas shopping

Eish! London 18 August

An encouraging email AND my first 'audition' for a play... if you can call it that...

Eish! London 17 August

more Housemate 'stuff' latest bugbear...

Eish! London 15 August

WOW! Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens!

Eish! London 11 August

chiropractor and bank account :-(

Happy Birthday to me!

Things, life ... it works in incredible ways when we let it...

Eish! London 14 September

A trip to Hong Kong, where I meet a typhoon and a short bed!