Tales of complete fantasy or fiction.

A Dangerous Choice.

" Curdy, haw Curdy, ya auld bastard, waken up." The auld bastard he was yelling at was sitting slumped at the table in the Shieldmuir Bar. I didn't...

A Dangerous Choice. Part 2.

That afternoon Curdy, after retrieving the line from the floor sat on a stool in Cassidy's bookies and watched in desperate fear as the third horse...

A Dangerous Choice. Part 3.

Three hours later, Curdy, helped by the bookie, walked slowly back into the now busy bar. His nose was splinted and the white strapping went all the...


Asmodene. God has broken his pact with the devil. His intervention by using Leathig,and by setting the ten plagues on the Egyptians has allowed...

The Spider Doors.

An excerpt from a larger work in progress. ( New Freedom a working title.) The emaciated and half dead Leathig has been delivered into Asmodene's stronghold of Diabhal.

An Awakening.

An Awakening. The raging and slowly spinning pillar roared as it commanded the space once again in front of the Hebrews. Long searing flames hissed...

The Baobab Tree (3)

Busisiwe feels betrayed.