Love and Everything After

Poems about love, life and death

Dead Parts

When something wrong touches you it leaves a permanent scar

Something Missing

Like driftwood riding the waves that are not my own

The Sun Rose Dead

To blow away like dry sand

Staring at Stars

When three word whispers echoed like mountains

In Pieces

All these broken pieces To your heart so dead and cold

Perfect View

If there is a sunset for every man I found mine with you

Personal Song

It cannot be downloaded or copied

Saving Me

Holding my hand you got me through

Heavens Gone

Is this what you wanted all along?

I Am You

The world is full of difference

I See You

So unexpected I could cry

The Traveler

I am so tired of being here This souless house gathering dust Everything still and lifeless Voices of the past echo in the emptiness I am now all...

The Winters Heart

The Winters Heart Old and Lifeless Like leaves caught in autumnal winds jostling and violent their fall Mighty trees releasing and abandoning their...

The Green Room

The Green Room ******************** Two days in and you could not be more shattered We both feel tired This struggle you are enduring This labour you...

Kissing Hurricanes

Kissing Hurricanes ********************* When kissing hurricanes Love and hate are one and the same Tearing holes in the sun Violate the light to...