Love poems


"A Dream"

This happened to me last night... (X


Roses rain in loving vow, Bells chime above the ceiling, The fall of summer setting spark To two heart's, tis one feeling Started first, the coast of Dover "There we met" she said, remember

"Evening Walk"

Lights sparkle in the eye This eve we walk so plainly The lights beside bent over As it lit the road so vainly It shone the way, while she and I Went past our faithful dream

"Hasbeen" ( for every broken-heart)

The shackles which once bonded our hearts are now forever broken *sigh* At least now I can go and look away, as you yourself had spoken Though one thing that troubles me is this one little thing


It matter'd not how big or small you are Your soul is très éternelle So leave thy blanket of broken hopes And cast out the beast infernal Try to gather up the broken pieces

"This Valentine's Wish"

Well, There's nothing much to say About this very heart felt day For in every bit of thought I see, the peak of love's delay And as I stand here, now am writing

Gamer's Guide to Love

care about people, only met online

Yuletide Buds

As winter’s eve bloom Yuletide buds Warm breath on cold air, kissed Dim candlelit, pale tinsel floods On night, we sought and missed Paraded streets...
Gold cherry

I can't Sleep

I can't sleep and as I lie here tucked between the sheets hearing the passing ticks and tocks of time and night, waning like a man stranded in an...

3am soul-searches

What does it feel like to belong? Somewhere to rest your head along with your rain-soaked coat; a smile, a hug, or a hand to hold; or a gesture of...

Look how they shine for you

You were the sun, and the moon, and the stars at night- And I’m the fool who convinced himself that the light, and warmth, you gave the world was...

silver linings

In a way, as someone who always bragged about making terrible life choices, you leaving was the best form of flattery you could have ever given me.

my bad

Two and a half years later, and I still wondered how our definition of “forever” meant we’d one day wake up, with nothing but a silhouette and a few...