Owl And Pussycat Stories

Stories about Owl and Pussycat.

Owl And Pussycat Go Bananas Again

“I wanna be a fat cat, Susan,” Pussycat said as he leaned over in his deckchair to flick a beetle into the garden pond.

Owl And Pussycat

"Right now we've got four pounds thirty six pence between us and utter destitution, and it's a fortnight until pay day. What are we gonna do, Owl?”

Dog Town

"I'm a door to door trombone salesman, would you care for my business card?"

Pussycat's Seven League Boots

"The postman delivered a parcel for you not long after you left the house this morning, and I can't wait to see what it is.....”

Owl And Pussycat Go Bananas

“I love the Banana Splits, Owl,” Pussycat said as he watched a clip from his all time favourite TV show on YouTube.

Pussycat's Circus Adventure

“Eugene, wake up!” Owl said as she switched on the bedside lamp and shook her husband out of his tranquil slumber.

Pussycat For King!

"They're like fireflies in vaguely human form, and they burn so brightly it hurts my eyes to gaze upon them."

The Clearing (Part One)

This was supposed to be a humorous tale, and thought it's funny in places it's turned into something I can't easily classify.

The Clearing (Part Two)

“I didn't know what to do,” Pussycat continued, “but I had to do something."