pithy proverbs

brief telling pictures from the book of Provebs in the Bible with wise discrerning advice, often with wry humour

Cautionary Pictures 1)

A little lie … rebound

Cautionary Pictures 2)

Speaking rough, grumpy, gruff stirs up … Gentle response …

Cautionary Pictures 3)

Easy to break, hard to mend, quarrel begun hard to end.

Cautionary Pictures 4)

A heart that clings to things will find those things take wings one day.

Cautionary Pictures 5)

Cocksure cockiness– carelessness, and ignorance – comes a cropper, comeuppance; nose in the air – ‘look around!’ ‘watch the ground’! ‘beware!’ ‘...

Cautionary Pictures 6)

Peer pressure: see them scheme schemes that are not what they seem …

Released Words

Two a penny, very many, gushing, rushing … Hush the gush … Priceless few precious, true, gently defusing …

Swordsmanship and First Aid

Carelessly wielding words recklessly, unaware, and don’t care to whom or where a thrust may cut and pierce hurt, spark anger fierce: or a tongue that...

Only Words …

Gushing, rushing talk, talk, walk away from work, shirk obligations, short-term gain, fame. Hush! Duties fulfilled, continuance, perseverance … satisfaction.