A collection my poems

The Start

The Start It’s not only the beginning It’s also the end There are two sides Depending on how you’re looking Never let the start ruin your finish The finish is what matters

My Pain

My pain My pain is not centered My pain leads to destruction My pain is stronger than any man My pain is unsettling My pain is dark My pain is disheartening My pain puts up a fight

No More Apologies

I could say I’m sorry till I’m blue in the face Sorry begins to lose its meaning Sorry is a just a word It’s a not an accurate depiction of my feelings My feelings towards those I hurt


It’s not just a state of being It becomes a lifestyle More like a reality You live in it You sulk in it You fight to stay away from it But it always gets to you


Wishing The thought of seeing the future The flow is relentless The words are unbearable The speech is uncontained You strike before you listen You hurt because you fear