The Radio Wars

a thing about the Radio Wars

Chapter 9

It was all go at the radio station that day. Before I could leave I was accosted by a good looking girl in what can only be described as smart-casual attire.

Chapter 1

“My name is Luke Wasser and I’m a DJ not a VJ.” Luke Wasser, DJ “This isn’t a pop show Luke, it’s a war.” KJ Hapland, Station Manager.

Chapter 2 - Big City

I didn’t want to go to a British university, it felt too much like the educational treadmill: school, college, uni. I’d be trapped forever in a normal life.

Chapter 3

“Welcome to Big City,” my taxi driver said, “the city of big ideas and no money.” For no extra charge he drove me to the address of the university offices at the top of the letter.

Chapter 4

“Remover of the Dead?” I said fearing some ghastly corporate cover up

Chapter 5

The next day Miguel dropped me off at the university offices.

Chapter 6

Carl took me down to a local student bar where the beer was cheap and we drank enough to consummate our friendship.

Chapter 8

Alas, I would get to be entertained by Terrence Oblong no longer, as I was finally called into the interview room.

Chapter 10

My glorious radio debut had to wait of course. Partly because the world simply wasn’t ready for me, a billion years’ of evolution was insufficient...

Chapter 11

With Kelly demanding I supply her with a young native, I phoned Miguel, the taxi driver I had stayed with when I first came to Independent Nation...