Satan Tales

Tales about Brian Lucifer and family.

Satan And His Little Imps

Brian Lucifer admired the burgundy flock wallpaper that he had just finished applying to the chimney breast in his living room.

George And the Dragon (Part Three)

Eventually he realised how big the cave was, you could have fit a few dozen cathedrals in there and still had room to spare.

Satan And Mrs. Satan

“What do you mean, you don't like the burgundy flock wallpaper I've put up on the chimney breast?” Brian Lucifer said to his missus.

Satan And the Grand Council Of Demons

“Order. Order, lady and gentlemen, please,” Brian Lucifer said to his Grand Council of Demons, who were chatting amongst themselves and completely ignoring him. “I SAID ORDER!”

Satan's Retirement Cottage In The Cotswolds

“What do you think of Swallow Cottage then, peeps?” the former Mr. Lucifer said to his nearest and dearest.

Satan And Stig

Brian Smith, formerly Brian Lucifer of 13 (unlucky for some) Lavender Grove, Tormentsville, Hades, was both physically and metaphorically down in the dumps.