Short Stories

Lots of Tales I hope to tell
Each one echoing from a wishing well
I simply want to write as much as I can
So to store them in here is the plan

The Journey of the Troll

We all have our duties in life and maybe one of them is to follow what makes our soul joyful. This is a story of loneliness healed through friendship of the soul...

A Different Culture

A short story set in Africa, a place with a different culture, different expectations and a different view of life & duty

Trevor's Troubles

Sometimes things are just not what you want them to be, but only one person can change them...

Just One - Part Two

A double session with the final years. Four years of trying, four years of giving, four years of teaching and assessing and now they are beginning to...

Just One - Part One

JUST ONE If she had have known, she would never have made the commitment. Had she been more informed of how difficult it would be, she would never...