Short Stories

Various shorts.

An Erotic Demise

Caution. Best not to be eating when you read this.

A Bullet To The Head

A Bullet To The Head As Peter Simmonds sat with the barrel of a gun pointed at his head, all of the recent facts of his life, that had just come to light, flashed through his mind.

Consequential Mockery

Consequential Mockery I can’t describe the sense of euphoria that overwhelmed me at that very moment.

Dark Night (final thoughts)

DARK NIGHT (Final Thoughts)

The Paperboy

Philip Tomkins teetered on the edge of his seat, as well as the brink of insanity. He could no longer distinguish between truth

The Night Watchman

This one gave my kids a few nightmares, when I first read it to them, all those years ago. Sorry boys.

The Present

‘She is a lady, I assume.’ Ruth Billings screamed behind her, at the back seat of her car. ‘And not one of those bloody lady boys.’

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel As his wife swung unknowingly toward her doom, Raul laughed inside.

Spiritual Deviant

Pray this isn't true.

Full Moon

Full Moon This is the last night of the full moon. Creeping through the darkness lay an old enemy. An enemy of the mind

Grandmother (part 1)

Always remember, family is everything. If you know what's good for you.

Grandmother (part 2)

The journey home was even better than the one there. The thought that he was finally rid of the old battle-axe, was the icing on the cake. It was like all his birthdays had come at once.