Starting Out

My first collection of poems that I am trying to get published. This is a set of poetry in three sections reflecting on journeys, physical and emotional.

Sunshine - poem 1 (Home)

Sorry taste of mornings makes the words choose shade

Almost Fixed - poem 3 (Full circle)

You went back together easily. You startle me.

Angel with no religion - poem 1 (abroad, at sea)

Her sweet half smile through wetted lips And sighs cannot disguise Her fierce deep love and honeyed logic Stare softly through Inuit eyes.

By the mouth of the river - poem 3 (Home)

3000 used up watts, flat silhouettes of the moon’s truth

Crash - poem 7 (home)

Hurled further through this isle I put my foot down Not an inch

Sun Life - Poem 4 (Home)

I wish I had died a century ago, It was much easier then.

Scythe Swag Side Stalk - Poem 6 (Home)

Señores Guardias Civiles, Aquí Pasó Lo De Siempre. Aquí Han Muerto Cuatro Romanes Y Cinco Cartagineses.

Indistinguishable - poem 2 (abroad, at sea)

You are distilled through it leaving only hair in the plughole and a breeze of perfume.

Please, Sir - poem 4 (abroad, at sea)

I know she'll forgive all those guilty sins and the ridges of my fingertips leaving long prints on soft skin.

Sonnet - poem 5 (abroad, at sea)

The lake that was once a pond to us is Opening the sweet flowers of its earth Mirror ripples reflect one face as us And rivulets to my core fire their growth

Full Circle - poem 1 (Full circle)

You black birds, Nestling on my branches Won't escape. To roll away the stone. Shackle the morning beauty.