Stuff and nonsense.

Just stuff, and nonsense.

When my dog died.

Just an elegy to my long-dead pooch..

Angels on the bus

I'd properly goofed off and thought the singing was in my head. You don't get close harmony on a bus.

Asking after Thomas.

There was a message on my answerphone from Jem. Terry was dead. The funeral was on Thursday.

Big Pig

A big pig on the streets of London...

Black-eyed Angel.

When he was young and very small, and the world was very big...

Bus Conversation

Stevie took his seat upstairs at the front of the bus, and mentally leaned into the conversation behind him A: "So, you design? You're a designer?" B: ¦¦¦¦¦¦.. A: "You design houses? Have you ever designed a restaurant, or a bar?"


The churches are shut.

Coffee with Ronnie.

Ronnie had got his order wrong. He was having none of that. Mr Iqbal, shaking with bit-back rage, surveyed the smashed glass and pooling booze aftermath of the four-minute blitzkrieg.

The Pigs are Back.

Proper nonsense. With pigs.


Self-styled shaman.

Feathery Find

Edit of an oldie...

Hounslow of the Dead

Hounslow. For the dead.

Open Letter

Words of magic in the high street.