watching the clock

map of my face

crowned by grey hair I look upon my face and attempt to reveal the secrets held within I can no longer see my childhood freckles and for the first...

And the next please

on certain days i tire of speaking to people i meet and want to withdraw into another place but something stops me from making that trip and i will...


your lips taste sweet late at night while I lay dreaming but at sunrise when I awake they are not by my side and I am bereft


i had you all wrong all of the time what you said you didn't mean and what you meant you didn't say i have been guilty too of worse deceit and i live...


pointless ranting

poison penned

The poison drips from your pen On to the lovely moleskin notebook You bought from WH Smiths For £9.95 This will teach your enemies To mock you You say to yourself As more poison seeps