The Way We Were

A Novel.

Gold cherry

Chapter One: Daisy

The jubilee line pulls into the platform and Daisy’s mind is submerged in a single puddle of thought: This train is going too slow. If I jump, it won’t kill me.

Chapter Five: Matthew

London past midnight, with vomiting bodies for cactuses, is a lot like nothingness.

Chapter Four: Daisy

Daisy gets out of bed and walks along the corridor into the forbidden zone, the no man’s land of flat 31: Izzie’s room.

Chapter Three: Laura

“Living in London isn’t living, it’s surviving. Do you understand? That’s all I’m doing. Surviiiiving”

Chapter Two: Matthew

hit. Today was Sunday and he had completely forgotten. His leisurely plan of videogames and masturbation was going to have to be put on hold.