The Whitstable Writings

My collection whilst away on a writing week May 1st to 7th 2013 in Whitstable, Kent.


Jake and The Beach Hut

Number Five in my Whitstable tales - inspired by a long walk in the sunshine through Herne Bay and up to Reculver - and back.

Food, Glorious Food

Part Four of the Whitstable writings. This one is inspired by the food shops and my love of cooking.

Jean-Marie Laval

Part Two of my Whitstable Writings. Based on the true stories of how the French prisoners of war escaped the hulks in the Thames during the Napleonic wars.

Patrick and Isla

Part Three of my Whitstable writings

Thoughts on Whitstable Beach May 1st 2013

Written on the day I arrived. Part One of my Whitstable Writings. A ramble in my head as I see the sea.