Caligula's Return

Interviews with the Tyrant Prince


You are wasting your time here Your a wordsmith. Why are you wasting precious time wth ABC? They give you nothing and you are worth so much!! Come see me at Its worth a look, yes? Love D

Had a look at Fanstory, Lynne. Don't think it's really my cup of tea. The top rated poem when I looked was a pretty crass one about Bin Laden that just seemed to express and encourage cowboy politics. I dunno - not really my thing.

Richard Harrison and Bruce Stallion star in this poem

which is a fast-paced, brutal, beautiful, resolutely bad taste, epic, actiontastic, ninja-laiden, ball- crushing, eye-bleeding, knee-splintering brawl...

An Example of Destiny in Action

Two boys, each trying to brush his teeth more like their dad than the other.

Beware of Bandits

Caligula was brought down!

Caligula On:

2 sonnets