Story and Poem of the Month

Our Final Story and Poem of the Month for 2021, very kindly chosen by Di_Hard:


There have been so many fabulous pieces of writing this December, it was very difficult even narrowing the list down to 6 prose and 6 poems, and I have continually changed my mind about the final choices as they are all equally wonderful in different ways.




Christmas Boris is the latest instalment of Marandina's extremely funny satire on Boris Johnson, in the form of a clever reworking of A Christmas Carol -


The Otherwordly Visitor Of Oscaloo by Donignatio is a perfect Christmas story, for both grown ups and children, about an alien arriving in a department store. It will leave you wishing to read more -


Drew Gummerson's 2 parter Schrodinger's Dog is a vivid, sad comedy with a happy ending -


Yule To Do List is an entertaining account of the very, very brave LittleRedHat's offer for to cook for Christmas -


An Undertaking, by Harry C is a sensitive look into the life of someone whose generosity of spirit all of us would value but no one wants to think about. It is an intense read - 


If you have yet read any one of these fantastic stories, please do. All have deservedly been Pick of the Day, or Week.


The fifth story is different, but I believe just as great. I am guessing it was hard to write, to send imagination to such a dark place. Journey part one by Grace77 is a compelling, immediate, horrifying depiction of trying to cross the English Channel. It has not been read as many times as the other pieces, so, hoping might be, it's

Story of the Month -




Jenny's Nature's Hideaway is from the beginning of the month, but now we are past the longest night thoughts turn to the outdoors again, and this poem is a richly Romantic description of the wild garden she and her partner created and will make you long for that fresh air -


Visiting the Old House at Twilight is Angusfolklore's interesting journey back in time to a previous residence and raises lots of thoughts about belonging and buildings -


Rhiannon's take on the IP, The exact time for dozing! is a gentle and affectionate account of someone acquiring a new clock, and with all this poet's brilliant word music -


MJG is one of my favourite nature writers and her gorgeous poem Blueprint is rich with evocations of scent, shape, colour, freshness and hope, perfect for the beginning of the year -


Turlough's poem The Chips at Twerton Park is the work of a maestro in rhythm and rhyme (apart from one line, which kept bugging me, till I worked out why!)  It's warm and funny, about lots of things including tradition, family and potatoes -


Any attempt by me to try to describe Mistletoe by Onemorething could only trample on its magnificence,  I am sure it will fill you with light, too, which is why it's -

Poem of the Month


It is great to know that, whatever is happening in the world, amazing reading opportunities, kindness, and support for writing are to be found here. ABCTalers are WONDERFUL - talented, generous and wise editors, gifted and inspiring writers, insightful and encouraging readers,  and specially  Tony Cook, who made this vital community possible! Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Hope Full New Year



Oh thank you for the mention, Di. Congrats to everyone else included, especially Grace and Rachel with their picks of the month. So well said in that last paragraph above which applies to all members. Happy New Year, ABCtalers.