Christmas Zoom - Thank you!

A very big thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas Zoom Reading. I think it was one of our best so far, with people joining in from all over the world.

I do love our regular events in Soho, but at our online readings we get the chance to see and hear people who'd otherwise not be able to come. 

An especially big thank you to Mark Burrow and onemorething for organising so brilliantly (it's not easy!)



Mark did a great job as did Rich with his solo songs. 


It was a terrific afternoon, and happy to say I could hear this time, Jack. (Hearing aids). And the Ed's. did a great job organizing. Pretty impressive folk Im thinking. Hope we get to do it again in the spring. 


It was  FABULOUS! To anyone worried as I was that it would be very complicated, it really isn't! You can get onto zoom in one click, from the website, just look up how to join zoom, and then you email ABC to say you want to join, and then you are sent a link, which you click on at the right time, and as if by magic, suddenly there are faces to some of your favourite writers, it was AMAZING

ps, it seems much harder to read/go on camera, but just for listening/watching, it is easy


It was a fabulous event. I really enjoyed listening to the wonderful readings. Thanks to everyone involved. Gayle (gletherby) x

It was a great evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it!!


it isn't really too hard to go on camera Di - so long as you have good broadband - and like you say, it's lovely to put a face to a name - like Jackanory only with people you know!

Gayle I hope you will read something next time

mark p I'm so pleased you managed to read this time - please come to the next one!



I am so glad to hear that it was a splendid occasion and sorry that due to unforeseen circumstances I had to miss the event. I just hope that it has been recorded with a video in mind. Well done Mark and Rachel for organising the zoom.


I'm so sorry Luigi, but on this occasion it wasn't recorded. You will just have to make sure you come to the next one!




It was lovely, the two hours flew by! So much variety and so many wonderful pieces! I hope to be able to participate to future readings too! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Magnolia Fay

So glad to hear everyone enjoyed it! The two hours did zip by.