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Hello ABC Talers,

I just wanted to tell those that remember me that I  had to have my beautiful German Shepherd Lincoln put down on Sunday to save suffering.  I am absolutely devastated.   Then on that same night, I fell and broke my wrist.  I seem to be cursed at the moment.  However, my friends have rallied round me and they are the people who are helping me through this.   It is their kindness that has been my motivation to go on.  I know this is nothing to do with writing but I just needed to get it off my chest.  Sorry if I've made anyone miserable.  


Moya xx

Moya, I am so sorry to hear about Lincoln. We miss them so much when they're gone, but just as it's our responsibility to give our pets a good life, it's also our responsibility to take those other decisions when the time has come. I hope you make a good (and swift) recovery from your broken wrist!


Hello Insert,  

Thank you so much for your kind comments.  I don't know why I put this up on ABC.  All I know is that my friends on here always seem to give me a lift when I'm down.  Yours and the other comments have done it once again.so thank you.   Next year will be my last Parkinson's Players show as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to commit myself to such a time-consuming effort which might mean I can contribute once again to this site.  I have really missed it.




oh good! It would be lovely to see more from you - you're very popular here! (and a very funny and talented writer) xxx


Dear Moya, so sorry to hear about your misadventures and can quite understand the devastation you feel at the loss of a beloved pet and companion. I appreciate that it has left a void in your life but it is an inevitability that we have to suffer given the transitory nature of life.
I am glad to hear that you have found a renewed motivation with the help of friendship and kindness.
You are always in our thoughts and miss your writing.
Take care and chin up. Luigi xx



Dear Luigi,

Thank you so much for your kind words.  They mean so much to me.  I have found so many friends on this site.  Some I've never met and some, like you, I have met just once but all have made an impression on me.  I hope your writing is still going well for you.  I always enjoyed reading your work for the humour in it but I also liked your more serious stuff.  Take care,.  




It must be heartbreaking to say farewell to Lincoln. I am sure he had a good life with a very loving owner.

Your wrist  fracture sounds like a damn pain.

Take it easy as best you can. One thing at a time and do nothing when you feel that's best.

Best wishes

Elsie xx

Hello dear Elsie,

Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, you are right my wrist fracture is a pain but that's only physical it's the pain in my heart that is worse.  I keep expecting him to come walking in the room and I see his water bowl and think, oh dear, he's got no water.  He was such a perfect dog.  He will be a hard act to follow b ut I can't live without a dog.

Take care, Elsie



Moya, it is nice to hear from you even though it is with a sad tale and difficulties. I think of you and pray you will find God's comfort too and support, sometimes troubles do seem to come in batches.
with love, Rhiannon


Dear Rhiannon,

How kind you are to comment as you do.  You always seem to be there to pick me up when I'm down or help me when I need it, as with my poem to Derek on our fiftieth wedding anniversary.  I have had so much help and support from people on this site that it makes my heart sing.   Thank you once again dear Rhiannon.

Take care



Hello Moya

I'm so sorry to hear about Lincoln, and about your wrist.  Our pets are so much part of our lives - in fact calling them pets seems wrong, they are really members of the family.  I hope the comfort of friends helps you, practically and emotionally, through these difficult times.  It is lovely to see you back on the site, though, even with such sad news.  We miss you!

Jane x

Hello Jane,

Thank you for your kind words.  They are a comfort and I do really appreciate them, particularly as I very rarely post anything or indeed read anyone's work.  I hope that will change next year as that will be my last show for the Parkinson Players.  I have missed posting my jottings on here.  I owe so much to the writers and admin people on this site because I.would have never had the confidence to show my work to anyone if I had not got feedback from fellow writers.

Take care,

Moya x


Dear Moya,

I was so sorry to hear of your sad loss. Like the others have already said your dog Lincoln must have given you years of pleasure. I always think it's a good thing to write down and share your feelings with others, then you know you're not alone.

I hope your wrist mends soon and  I'm glad you have friends around to see you through this time, it can make such a difference to your recovery.

I really look forward to reading your work Moya, it's always a pleasure.

Get well quickly.



Oh dear Jenny,

So sorry to be this late in replying to your kind words.  the plaster is now off but my wrist is still very painful and i cannot type easily.  that is why i've stopped using capitals.  i type with my right hand only.  however, it was lovely to hear from you and very thoughtful too.  but then i would expect nothing else from you.  you have such a caring nature.

keep writing

moya  xx


What a rough time.  I do hope things pick up for you. xxx

hello philip,

apologies to you too.  thank you yes i hope so too.  can't be doing with all this wrist business.


keep writing



Hi Moya, I did send you a message through Facebook because I know the loss of Lincoln would have been hard. You were and still are a valued member of this writing community and I realy do hope we will see some more of your work soon. I remember you and I laughing at my "Nan and Grandad Lived down the Banjo" story because only us would know what a Banjo was! I had dinner at the Jobbers Rest the other night where my dad had his seafood stall for many years and once again I thought of how you lived just up the road from there. I wish you all the best Moya. Me, Jill, Chester and Ruby send all our love. xxx 


hello joe me old mate, me old mucker,  how is the east end's best butcher?  thank you for your kind words too.  i knew you would appreciate how i feel at losing my most precious boy.  i keep expecting to see him and i am still devasted by his loss. dinner a the jobbers eh?  well, well, well, life is strange.  you living in gorsebrook road and me going to school there.  i hope your writing is still going well.  you are such a good story teller.

love to you and yours,

moya. xx


'Heaven is a place where all the dogs you ever loved come to meet you.'

Sorry to hear about your loss.


Hello Baker Street,

Sorry so late replying to your kind comment.  my wrist hasn't healed properly so can'/t type much.  Tomorrow, i am hoping to look at two dogs.  just hope one is suitable.  temperament is so important.

moya x



So sorry, having lost many dogs myself I understand your loss, and then to go and injure yourself as well sort of caps it.
I do believe we shall meet our lost friends one day, then the balance to our life shall be restored.

Keep safe
Pops ~xx~

Writing is art in pictures – Go paint poetry!

hello poppys,

apologies to you too.  your kind words really touched me.  i do so hope you're idea that our dogs will come to greet us is true because i have many four-legged friends i would like to meet again.


You have all my understanding and sympathy but honestly you're taking it too far. And now they're telling us we must brush our dogs' teeth Twice a day and we must have a nnedical aid because vets and medicine is so expensive. I don't even have one nevermind the pets. And warm jerseys for winter. Really they are overdoing it.

Love and my best wishes! Tom


Hello Tom Brown,

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion but that doesn't mean I have to agree with you  I have bred and shown GSD's as well as training them.  I was an Instructor for many years with the national society The British Association for the GSD.  My husband and I ran three different boarding kennels over a period of thirty years.  Sadly my husband has passed on so Lincoln was my shadow.  I can't tell you how much I loved that dog.  He was the reason I got up in the morning and  I didn't dress my dog up either.  So, I don't consider I am taking it too far when most of my working life has been spent looking after dogs.  However, I thank you for taking the trouble to comment on this and I wish you well.



For many years I did English Setter Rescue and took the older dogs in, to live on the settees and chairs dotted about the place (just for them). I loved and miss them all, each had their own charecter and are buried in the garden and field.
I speak to them when out and about and tell them the silly things I have done, just like I did when they were alive.
I know when we all meet again I shall get trampled underfoot, but that's OK, I plan to take a supply of bonios and some sausages (which always worked a treat for pill poppingsmiley

I hope you find your companion, and that you have many happy years together.

Lots of Love

Pops ~xx~


Writing is art in pictures – Go paint poetry!

Hello Pops,

Thank you for your comments which I totally agree with. Tom Baker is entitled to his opinion and I respect that but he has missed out on so much love that one can give and get from a pet.  I could not live without a dog and today I am going to see two dogs in the hope that one might suit.   Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am desolate without Lincoln although he can never be replaced.

Moya xx


Just wondering Moya...any luck with the dogs? My fingers were crossed all day yesterday!


Hello Joe,

Yes, I've got the most handsome 2 year old dog.  Providing he gets on with my friend's dog all will be well.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have a dog back in the house.  He has a glorious black and red gold coat.  He has done quite a lot of winning too.having been shown in Germany and over here.  He has a Reserve Challenge Certificate as well.  What a boy!  I will try to put a photo up on here but don't hold your breath.  All he needs to be perfect is Lincoln's temperament.

Moya xx..


Fingers crossed.

Pops ~xx~

Writing is art in pictures – Go paint poetry!

Hoorah! That is great news Moya. I'm thrilled for you. Please put photos on here or on Facebook. Cant wait to see him... Best news I've heard for ages. All my very best... Joe


My choice dog would be a lady Golden Retriever. I don't know what one calls them these days. I can't have a dog where I'm staying now. It's sad, I love dogs yes they are man's best friend and apparantly women's also!


Hello Tom Brown, 

Yes, Golden Retrievers are lovely dogs too but your right all dogs are lovely.  The same cannot be said for all owners, however.