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Moon View Mountain Road

I once read a book of warnings. I can’t remember what it was called, but it suggested cautions that should lead to a more leveled life, so I called...

Second Steps

This story was published in Fiction Kitchen Berlin, a fine journal if there ever was one. Consider submitting...

Memories From A Layover

It was a pleasant time and my thoughts were mostly good, with little effort wasted in regret. For these reasons I found myself searching the walls...

Happy Hour

We were in the car more than anywhere else. A few days driving, then a few days driving back home. Family vacations: the minutes crept by, and so did...
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Thoughts From the Table

If we only knew what others were thinking.

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Enjoyed this from start to

Posted on Mon, 08 Oct 2018

Enjoyed this from start to finish, excellent writing.

An early-on piece I loved:  ...paint-spattered dungarees like a Pollock canvas

You have such a natural pace, you do the first-person very well.

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