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StoryIt's In His Genes! Denzella84 years 6 months ago
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StoryThe Orpheus - Chapter One Shotan14 years 8 months ago
CollectionThe Orpheus Shotan04 years 9 months ago
StoryThe Orpheus - part 1 Shotan44 years 9 months ago
StoryThe Orpheus - part 2 Shotan54 years 9 months ago

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Woke up this morning with a pounding headache. Lifting my head from the comfort of my pillow, i could feel the room begin to swirl all around me. I...

The Orpheus - Chapter One

So I know I began by posting 500 word parts of my story, however I have now decided to post chapter by chapter otherwise there would end up being...

The Orpheus - part 2

“None at all? Surely we couldn’t have taken out all their defences in one hit” Said Caius in shock. The Gunnery Sergeant shrugged his shoulders in...

The Orpheus - part 1

The Orpheus appeared in orbit above the alien outpost on Erelia, with The Lazzerus and The Star of Orion following closely behind. The two ships...