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Odd, but I've been feeling slightly more and slightly less 'persona non' recently ... depending on where I look, though. On the 'more' topic, I sometimes think that 'persona plus' equates a bit to 'psyche nil' - I'm not sure though. Maybe that's just being self-serving. Also, I'm rethinking 'psyche' in 'relation' to 'spirit'. I'm liking more and more the notion of the 'spirital' (no typo) once again. I'm worrying that the 'psyche' is psychically manipulable - whereas the spirit is own, one's own and out there in the dawn and the evening and the mid-morning sun, feeling the moon's 'can do'. Just musing.

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Little black cat

There's this little, black cat that comes into my garden. She plays with the wild flowers, tiny violet petals on long stems, primordial wands of green. Delicately, she paws them and runs her

Creation - 1

I've been creating my own myth - well, seemed like a good idea.

Losing and finding

'Growing up' - competition entry

On the authority of children

the wine glinted, just poured, waiting like a mouth to be kissed ... the mobile played Gould hi, I was just starting to trust ... how could you say what you said in your voicemail?


to skim or not to skim, that is the question