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Odd, but I've been feeling slightly more and slightly less 'persona non' recently ... depending on where I look, though. On the 'more' topic, I sometimes think that 'persona plus' equates a bit to 'psyche nil' - I'm not sure though. Maybe that's just being self-serving. Also, I'm rethinking 'psyche' in 'relation' to 'spirit'. I'm liking more and more the notion of the 'spirital' (no typo) once again. I'm worrying that the 'psyche' is psychically manipulable - whereas the spirit is own, one's own and out there in the dawn and the evening and the mid-morning sun, feeling the moon's 'can do'. Just musing.

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On the train

As soon as I hopped aboard, the words closed in and we were off.

the word-song of Jay Willie Plonker

I hope this doesn't touch on any cultural shibboleths too precariously.
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Choose your path

I skipped gaily on my way, almost Like those jolly hikers in the Fast Show;

Coming and going

I've invented the word 'ine' - it's that essence that exists in the 'porcine', the 'supine', the 'equine', the 'divine' ...

Her and him

I s'pose I take the view that communication breakdown is not a thing in itself but a reflection of something else.