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I have 28 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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CTMAS - Chapter Snippets

Computer, Tell Me a Story Snippet 1 - Emrys vs Kass (Sample combat training scene between two experienced Espers) “Remember when I told you that...

CTMAS - Chapter 3: Regulus Castle

Computer, Tell Me a Story Chapter 3: Regulus Castle The group walked for a good half an hour before the castle came into full view. Castle Regulus is...

CTMAS - Chapter 2: Eldris

Computer, Tell Me a Story Chapter 2: Eldris “So where exactly are we?” Rayan asked, looking around. Aurora was running around the open field chasing...

CTMAS - Chapter 1: Visitors

Computer, Tell Me a Story Chapter 1: Visitors Earth, present day. "Rayan, look!" Came the little girl's shout. The echoes in the cavern making her...

CTMAS - Prologue

Computer, Tell Me a Story Prologue War. No one wants it. But differences and scarcity make it inevitable. This is Eldris. The days long past when the...