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To be or not to be, it's an action.

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*/ */ The September already gone, Bothering things never shutting done. I've got stories on my tone, But the audience always be none. I saw your face...

Age 27

My will and my soul Covered by the darkness night Sinking and dying

Valentine's Day

A pink rose showing In the chilly darkness night Blossom and wilting

Rewrite sonnet

It was really nice meeting you here Countless details light on my fire I could hardly take away my heart from there The past we’ve been through...


Fingers are dancing, on the black white keyboard, thoughts are walking.


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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"Let's sing for the girl

Posted on Sun, 01 Mar 2015

"Let's sing for the girl whose words are not sung" , love it, helix


Basket case

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