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I have 72 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 58776 times and 38 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Swep Lovitt

2nd book SOMETIMES THE WORLD IS TOO BEAUTIFUL, 2011, Texas Review Press. Amazon, barnesandnoble, Book Depository.

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For S., 8 Poems (7/8)

7 WHEN WE'RE GONE I wish you hadn't deleted The 600+ messages we shared, Cavafy, koans, fiesty sex. I smiled, laughed out loud At your puns, double...

For S., 8 Poems (5-6)

5 UNDERSTANDING New Year's Eve, Taos You slipped into the study, I followed, locking the door. Your sarong shucked up, Hazel eyes, serene, oval face...

For S., 8 Poems (3-4)

3 BUTTER Breakfast was real oatmeal Every morning in Taos, Served at the kitchen table By the window. Ravens In the courtyard. You always put a dab...

For S., 8 Poems (1-2)

1 STILL WANTING Both with grown children, We're suprised by this chance At love. You're stunning, High cheekbones, hazel eyes. Naughty, a girl I want...

Those Days, Fridays

Rushing in from Memphis I'd fumble with my key And surprise! just inside The door, blood lips, smoky Raccoon eyes, You. From the rear, your favorite...