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2nd book SOMETIMES THE WORLD IS TOO BEAUTIFUL, 2011, Texas Review Press. Amazon, barnesandnoble, Book Depository.

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When I picture you, I see a little Girl, black-haired, chewing her lip. Serious, working to create A password to open up the world-- To recognize you...


I asked the boys, A rough circle of twelve Fifteen-year-olds, Triangles of sweat Soaking the backs of their shirts, Two hours just done In the July...

To You, Now

As my eyes open Behind my closed lids, Scanning the innerscape. Moving by thought, But not too quickly. My eyes on the horizon, Forward the only way...


A canvas attributed to both artist And her three-year old, Clara. Purple and orange across The center in crayon. "I only left The room for a few...


Last Thursday, I sat on your ground In a cold rain, and am still chilled. Today, you turn twenty-five. My gorgeous girl, I stand and my face Comes...


14 of my comments have received 14 Great Feedback votes

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big topic. some very nice

Posted on Thu, 03 May 2018

big topic. some very nice images:  Easter Island's heads of stone; a feather on an eagle's wing.

not sure the vey general, gently philisophizing tone of the poem works. anytime one wants to say something "big" one probably should start...

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Posted in What is this life

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did you mean "skin on skin"

Posted on Tue, 10 Feb 2015

did you mean "skin on skin"

perhaps cut the last line, your title pretty much has it covered.

"going out somewhere just to come home" is excellent

throughout a fine ear, fine musicality.

perhaps cut "in bed", waking...

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Posted in These I Have Loved

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probably would profit you to

Posted on Mon, 09 Feb 2015

probably would profit you to cut the first 2 lines.

and perhaps cut "hands that once had baked"

i couldn't keep up with the typing for your prolificness.



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Posted in Room Six - Tooting Bec Asylum...1982