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I have 10 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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As I write this, I'm completely new to this site but somewhat familiar with writing... However, I'm not too familiar with writing in the context of creativity.  What I'm well versed in is narration of my own life as I've been keeping a personal journal for upwards of a decade.  I'm coming here to try and translate some of that skill into a creative writing hobby. 

My stories

A Torn Opinion

So I'm having this conflict in my World Building experience. While I'm building a world for DnD 5e, I'm playing around with origin stories and messy...

The Territory Wars - Part 1

The first major event in recorded history, brought about by the rapid expansion of the humans, the stubbornness of the Dwarves and the regrettable...

The Pantheon Pt 1

Some Notes: These are just quick write-ups for some of the first Gods and Goddesses in my world. I originally had a name for the planet but it turns...

The Pantheon

So I've banged out a bit of the pantheon of the world that I'm trying to create and as easy as it is to think of a few gods and their dominions here...

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here? Something I tend to ask myself every time I come around to another location to try and write creatively. Be it Wordpress,...