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I have 10 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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As I write this, I'm completely new to this site but somewhat familiar with writing... However, I'm not too familiar with writing in the context of creativity.  What I'm well versed in is narration of my own life as I've been keeping a personal journal for upwards of a decade.  I'm coming here to try and translate some of that skill into a creative writing hobby. 

My stories

The Territory Wars – Part 1 – The Stage is Set

The Territory Wars – Part 1 – The Stage is Set 1501: Bastros declares the birth of a new kingdom, The Kingdom of Sanctuary, and welcomes all...

The Territory Wars – Precursor to a Cause

The Territory Wars – Precursor to a Cause The first major event and official start recorded history. Initiated by the rapid expansion and greed of...

I'm not dead

Cue the Monty Python skit we all know and love. I'm not dead, I'm just... re-working my Territory wars into something a bit more cohesive. As I...

Writers Block and How you helped me beat it

So it's been a while, I'll admit that. While I'd love to blame it on something worth while like "Tis the season!" the fact of the matter is that I...

Age of Nature

The Age of Nature A time before officially recorded history ranging from the beginning of time up until the start of the Territory Wars. The Age of...