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My stories have been read 287908 times and 87 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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the public apology

famous person signed the unwritten contract with the rest of us wolves, seething with bloodied teeth--- bloodied from our most recent feeding &...

flash before the eyes

what do we find in a dream that we can count on? what thoughts do we think we had, during a time of unconsciousness which cannot be verified? for the...

undeserved guilt wielded by the christian hammer

when mom finally had a child after a miscarriage broke her the first time around, her baby died a few days later, having been born early, having not...

phillip, 46

one need not watch more than a couple of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s films, to know that up until a couple of days ago, he was the greatest living...

the coming death

like a perfect storm that you know is coming, but for which you cannot prepare, the coming death of a loved one swirls rapidly in the dark sky,...