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rock quarry woman

she came slowly down the aisle bearing wrinkled hands that had been beaten by the sun, raked by the dry dirt & cracking---avec new slices &...

the stealing of the sunset years

their sunset years were stolen, not by the caution thrown to the wind that others might follow, but rather by the onset of illness, which struck them...

an emerging violent

the last days of his pacifism were those found in college, when he could embrace a hippy-ethic & he wore a bandana all the time--- there he wore...

when a person goes to shit

when a person goes to shit, you know it, you can see the way that their face just melted away--- coming after a breakup, after a knock-em’-down-n’-...

eavesdropping in a grocery store

while hunting for the staples on the weekend, during those few hours that he doesn’t have to work during the 7 day work week, he moves out of the way...