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dumb tattoos

far be it for this writer to say that all tattoos are fucking stupid, but alas, a good portion (like 99.9%) are. certainly those that do not fall in...

mother had an artist

mother had an artist for a kid--- though she might not have picked up on it when she was watching him/her grow up, in those formative years--- as she...

young, pretty & unattached

asked constantly by those older than her, “are you seeing anybody?” “how’s your love life these days?” she endures the nonsense that this country...

duck dynasty fuck

does it surprise anyone that this king of hicks amidst his brood of hicks said something that just might be homophobic? does it surprise anyone that...

a girl raised catholic

knew a girl who’d been raised catholic--- with dark blue eyes & long brown hair that cascaded down, just above perfect nipples that hardened when...